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If you are interested in exploring a career in counselling or would like to learn a few practical listening skills, this free taster course is for you.

What happens?

Over the course of a morning or evening you can experience counselling training and learn some very useful listening skills, that help with communication. We will also explain the process of becoming a counsellor, in an online group taster ‘lesson’ with one of our friendly tutors. This very popular session is a one-off interactive training experience delivered by a trained tutor.

Enjoy it!

We really hope you will enjoy our free taster. Check out the testimonials below! There are no tests or further commitment, but of course we hope you will be inspired to continue your journey.

Course Details

Our Free Taster Course is a 2 and a half hour online remote course.

Upcoming Dates:

Benefits of the course

Completing this course can help you :

  • Improve relationships
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Find out if counselling training is for you
  • Gain progression to Level 2 Counselling training
  • Experience online remote learning
  • Give and receive feedback

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    What our students say

    I genuinely enjoyed the whole session.  I thought it was fascinating, very helpful and really effective.

    This session gave me food for thought on how I can become a better listener

    The tutor was excellent; very personable and professional