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CPCAB Level 6
Certificate in Counselling Supervision

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Start Dates
12 Days
9:15 am - 5:15 pm
Sat 21 Sep 2024 to 12 Jul 2025

This is a Level 6 Certificate counselling supervision course leading to a nationally recognised qualification. It is aimed at counsellors who wish to extend their practice to include supervision and who have:

  • Achieved a CPCAB TC-L4 or equivalent qualification and
  • Achieved a CPCAB CBT-L5 or PC-L5 qualification or equivalent CPD and
  • Acquired two years (part time) of supervised counselling practice after qualifying with the CPCAB TC-L4 qualification or equivalent and
  • Completed a minimum of 450 client hours

A minimum of 15 hours one to one counselling supervision hours need to be completed by the end of the course. Each student will be responsible for identifying, and contracting to provide counselling supervision to, a qualified counsellor (minimum CPCAB TC-L4 or equivalent). Students need to be able to confirm that such supervision has started or will start by the commencement of the course. Redlands will give what assistance it can in respect of locating a suitable counsellor/supervisee.

Course Content
Course Tutors
Fees & Costs

Content will include:

  • Purpose, role & tasks of supervision
  • Ethical mindedness & BACP Ethical Framework, including contracting & boundaries
  • The nature of the supervisory relationship
  • Difference & Diversity issues in supervision
  • Integrating humanistic theory into the practice of supervision using various models including The Seven Eyed Model (Shohet & Hawkins) and The Cyclical Model (Page & Woskett)
  • Personal development & supervision
  • The process & skills of supervision
  • Developing as a reflective practitioner
  • Group Training Supervision

The course will be run by Carol King and Steve Rowling. Both are experienced and qualified counsellors, trainers and supervisors in current practice.

Students are assessed by portfolio and externally assessed case review (3,000-3,500 words)

Course fees for the Academic year 2024/25 are:

Tuition fee: £1975
(If the course fee is paid in full on or before 21st June 2024 a discount of £150 will be applied reducing the tuition fee to £1825)

CPCAB Registration fee: currently £396


Frequently Asked Questions

What do the initials CPCAB stand for?

CPCAB stands for the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body. This is the Body which awards the qualification to students who are assessed as proficient at the end of the course. CPCAB is the only national Awarding Body which specialises in counselling qualifications.

Am I required to be in counselling for this course?

You are not required to have counselling whilst you are on the course. You do need a minimum of five hours of supervision of your supervision work with a suitably qualified and experienced counselling supervisor by the end of the course.

Can I pay the course fees in instalments, or do you offer an early payment plan?

We do not offer a fees instalment plan; however we do have an early payment discount for this course, and the details and deadline for this are on the Fees and Costs section of the webpage.

Is there funding for the course, including the Advanced Learner Loan?

As Redlands is an independent training provider, our courses do not meet the criteria for the Advancer Learner Loan or other funding. For this reason, our learners are self-funded. We do have an early payment discount for this course, and the details and deadline for this is on the Fees and Costs section of the webpage.

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